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St. Lucia is an adventure playground second to none! Walk on the Wild Side is BodyHoliday’s  Adventure Programme. These soft adventures take you trekking through rivers, walking in the rain forest, hiking to view scenic island vistas, and up mountains because that’s what we’re most famous for!

These are truly memorable experiences. You will be able to see parts of St. Lucia many visitors miss, and enjoy the natural beauty of our island. We provide you with all the equipment you will need including backpacks, food containers and water bottles. Your guide will be equipped with first aid items, ropes and other necessary equipment.

Book your St Lucia holidays today and explore the beauty of the islands with the BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia.

BodyHoliday Adventure Programme

rock-climbingJoin us at Pigeon Island National Park and experience the joys of rock climbing. An empowering adventure delivering physical and mental stimulation with spiritual and emotional rewards. This is arguably one of the most stunning climbing locations in the world! Ascending up Signal Peak with the Caribbean Sea lapping against the rocks beneath you. There are a variety of routes suitable for beginners and experienced climbers alike. Come join us and discover for yourself this magical experience of climbing at Pigeon Island.

US$150 per person

adventure3This is a group led multi-sport adventure challenge, not a race. We leave BodyHoliday by mountain bike and ride a 10 km wild challenging dirt trail to the Atlantic beaches of Donkey Beach, and Cotton Bay. From there we cross back over from the Atlantic to the Caribbean coast at Pigeon Island.

From Pigeon Island the course involves a short run challenge of 4 km that combines the flat with a hill climb. Don’t worry… the hill climb does have its rewards, abseil 100 feet down off a cliff on the far side of Pigeon Island. Then it’s a scramble through the woods down to a remote pebble beach. Dive into the sea like David Hasselhoff and knock off the short swim out to your Ocean Kayak. Climb aboard and start the 2.5 km endurance kayak back to BodyHoliday along the Northern coast line of Saint Lucia.

When you finally step out onto our warm sand, not only will you be part of an exclusive few to have completed the circuit but the team and the crowds will be there to welcome and cheer you on!

The course is designed to be achievable by people with an intermediate fitness level. Sign up for your place today as spaces are limited.

Stages and Distances:

Stage 1: Bike Ride – all terrain; 10 km

Stage 2: Run – 4 km.

Stage 3: Rappel/Abseil; 100 Ft.

Stage 4: Sea Kayak; 2.5 km

xtremebikingExplore St. Lucia’s breathtakingly beautiful north-eastern coastline while you enjoy the challenge of an on and off-road mountain biking experience. This excursion is suited for experienced riders and can be tailored to suit individual desires.

US$90 per person

pitonhikethumbnailThe Pitons are the most famous landmark of both St Lucia and the Caribbean, and have been declared a World Heritage Site. The Twin Mountains, Gros and Petit Piton, stand side by side on the island’s west coast. Our tour ascends the majestic Gros Piton, the bigger of the two. At the summit, you will revel in the magnificent, breath-taking views.

US$150 per person

Les Pitons St. Lucia

Les Pitons

If the idea of climbing to the top of Gros Piton seems impossible, why not walk this Nature Trail instead? Located between the iconic Pitons this scenic nature trail is heavenly. You will enjoy the same spectacular views from high up without all the hard work as the car park is 3/4 of the way up the hill. The walk is guided by friendly, knowledgeable locals and takes around 45 minutes to complete. You will learn about St. Lucian culture, history, and exotic horticulture. After the walk you will take a short drive to Piton Falls where warm mineral water cascades 30 feet into a pool below. The warm waters from the three mineral pools below the Falls will make for an ideal rest stop after your walk.

riverdoreethumbnailThis scramble and abseiling session has been called thrilling, inspiring, wild, exhilarating and awesome! Our guides will lead you on an abseil down into a 120 foot gorge onto the sand bank of a shallow river. The further you go down the gorge, the closer you get to the wild flora and fauna of the island. If you have second thoughts about doing the abseil, you can hike to the landing area. This 2-hour trek is adventurous and requires a high level of fitness.

US$150 per person

rappelthumbnailThis experience takes you on an adventure to one of the few accessible waterfalls on the eastern side of the island near the fishing village of Dennery. The trail descends and takes you across the Dennery River before scrambling through the rainforest. Within half an hour you will hit Errard’s summit and begin to admire the beautiful views across the rainforest. Our guides will lead you on to experience the thrill of abseiling down a 66ft rounded cliff waterfall. Once you have completed the challenge of lowering yourself down the waterfall, with the rush of adrenaline, a short walk brings you back to the starting point.

US$150 per person

enbas-saut-waterfallthumbnaThis hiking trail takes you into the interior of the island to the Edmund Rainforest where the challenge of the En Bas Saut (Under The Waterfall) trail begins.  The hike will take about 40 minutes and leads you over some uneven terrain down-hill into the waterfall where you may have a

refreshing swim before taking the exit trail for about 50 minutes. This tour leaves BodyHoliday at 7:00am and should be back for 3:00pm.  You will need to wear hiking boots, trainers or sneakers and a bathing suit under your clothes. The cost is inclusive of transport and entrance fees, lunch is supplementary. You will need to be of moderate fitness level.

US$150 (per person)

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