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Equine Expression is an approx two hour experience priced at $110.00

This program allows guests to express themselves by painting their story on the live canvas provided by the horse. Native American Indians used their sacred partner ‘the horse’ to express emotions experienced throughout their lives. Spiritual healing requests for a sick family member could be expressed on the side of their horse. War paint for horses going into battle would express the commitment and valor of the rider.

We all have a story, many of us ongoing, deep inside. Take this opportunity to express your journey using the horse as your canvas, and then at the end of your painting you get to wash it all away – as none of us are defined by our stories.

* All paints used in this exercise are non – toxic and of the variety used by children in kindergarten.

DRESS: We advise you to wear closed toe shoes and long pants


What the price includes ?

★    Briefing document provided on booking

★    Transportation is from the BodyHoliday

★    Refreshments onsite – provided by Rainbows End Natural Horsemanship

★    Two Hour sessions led by Sandie Bryant with all equipment provided

To book please call +1 758 457 7825 or simply go to your Web-room