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Rainbows End Natural Horsemanship

This is Rainbows End in Cas en Bas and the home of Rainbows End Natural Horsemanship.

The programs will be led by Sandie Bryant, who has lived on Saint Lucia for many years. Sandie has been a horsewoman for over 30 years and in her own words :

“Having studied Natural Horsemanship for many years, my passion soon became clear to me that I had more reward and became more in touch with my own mindfulness, whilst working with my horses on the ground instead of on their back.

Learning how to become a better leader, understanding how hard it is to gain trust and so very easy to lose that trust through a careless thought or action.

Learning the value of a true partnership through mutual respect and appreciation. Learning to be responsible for my every action every single time I connected with my horses, on good days and bad days, always putting their dignity and well-being first. I found I became more in tune with fellow human beings. In short I learned how to be a better leader, a better listener and a better communicator.

 There is a saying; when you struggle with your partner, you are struggling with yourself. Every fault you see in them touches a denied weakness in yourself.”

Why Horses?

It is not unusual for horses to be used in therapy and their use has seen success in dealing with autistic children and at rehabilitation institutions. Horses are spiritual animals and have the ability to reflect energy and emotions.

Through the study of the games horses play with each other and the knowledge of the equine personality traits, we begin to grasp the beginnings of horse psychology. The most important thing to understand about the horse is that he is a prey animal and to all intents and purposes, before he gets to both know and trust you – you are the enemy – the predator. When you work with a horse you are embarking on a journey that is a partnership. For the horse’s part, he needs to know he can trust you to lead the both of you safely along the path. An approach with lateral thinking always helps!