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Julian Felix, Commonwealth Gold Medallist and Caribbean middle weight Body Building Champion, is our senior personal trainer at The BodyHoliday.

Our team of trainers will help motivate and encourage you to achieve results faster than you would on your own. No matter what your goals are or your current fitness level, our personal trainers will deliver fun and challenging goal-focused training sessions to get your started on your journey to optimal fitness.

Complementary 30 min Personal Training Session included in your stay

Additional Sessions

30 minutes US$65

60 minutes US$100

 PT Packages

3 x 60 minutes US$270

3 x 30 minutes US$165

Total Body Assisted Stretch

After a gentle warm up and mobility session, you will receive a comprehensive full-body assisted stretch using the principles of PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) in the developmental muscles.

60 minutes US$110


Put some oomph into your BodyHoliday and become one with the techniques needed to achieve boxing perfection. Learn the basics of the jab, cross and uppercut or take your skills up a level with elbows, body shots and finishers; once your punch packs enough power a cardio-vascular routine will finish the session with a bang.

60 minutes US$110

TRX Suspension Training

Using this revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight training, this session works your whole body for maximum calorie burn. Harnessing the force of your own body the TRX suspension trainer allows to you to really target your core muscles. Why not try this latest training tool for a unique training experience above the Tree House on the Zen Deck?

60 minutes US$110


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