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One of BodyHolidays most exhilarating challenges, the Quadrathlon is a test of stamina, strength and fitness. It begins with a 13-km mountain bike ride on a dirt track that criss-crosses the island through hills and tropical forests, switches to a 4-km run to a cliff and an 100-foot abseil down the rock face to the beach below, and continues with a 2.5-km kayak course along the north coast where the circuit ends at the resorts shore.

The ultimate island adventure, the course is designed for those with intermediate fitness levels, and offers reserved places for six guests at each weekly event.


 Stages and Distances

Stage 1: Bike Ride-mixed terrain (13 km)

Stage 2: Run (4 km)

Stage 3: Rappel/Abseil (100 Ft.)

Stage 4: Sea Kayak (2.5 km)

US $100 (per participant) Minimum 2 participants, maximum 6



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