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We’d be the first to admit that it’s not a difficult task to fill your days at BodyHoliday, but we’d be falling down if we didn’t recommend you explore our wonderful Paradise Island.

Saint Lucia is full of beauty, full of mystery and full of adventure – from the Mystic Mountains to the interior Rain Forest and there’s beauty on land, on the sea and under the waves. We have put together a bunch of exciting trips for you to choose from………Flip through our handy tour file and enjoy !

Marigot Bay St. Lucia

Marigot Bay

The West Coast Tour

St. Lucia’s west coast combines spectacular mountain peaks which flow dramatically into valleys. The first stop is at historic Morne Fortune, followed by a drive through the island’s largest banana plantation. The ultimate destination is the town of Soufriere, which has a wealth of sites to visit, including the sulphur springs, waterfalls, mineral baths and botanical gardens. Here you’ll be treated to a delicious local lunch, then a final stop at Marigot Bay on your return to the resort.

US$150 per person


Whale & Dolphin Watching

Whale Watching Safari with us is a must! Don’t miss the most exhilarating experience of your vacation! To date, in excess of 25 varieties of these magnificent mammals have been spotted in our waters whether they are feeding, mating, frolicking with their calves or just “cooling” out in our refreshing Caribbean waters, is surely a magical and unforgettable experience!

The most frequently sighted of the whales are the, Sperm (45ft), the Pilot (20ft) and the Humpback (60ft). Occasionally, the Orcas (Killer Whale 30ft). Amazing!!

US$110 per person

Snorkel Trip to the Pitons

Snorkellers St. Lucia



The Scuba Team is ecstatic and excited about the snorkel trip which goes out every Wednesday from 8:30 am to 1:30pm and wishes to invite you to join the fun.  The trip goes down to two beautiful reefs in the marine park. Snorkelers will be joining Divers and other guests who are visiting the Botanical gardens and Volcano on this trip. Snacks, Drinks and towels are offered as part of the package. 

US$77 per person

Private Boat Trips

private-charterPrivate boat trip are not offered as part of our daily offerings however, if guests wishes to have a private boat trip it can be arranged on a day that is convenient for the guests and the Scuba shop. The guests get to choose what drinks and snacks they would like for the trip as part of the package. The trip includes snorkeling and west coast tour. The following additional activities can be added to the trip: Volcano Tour, Botanical Gardens, and Lunch.


$600 for Scuba DIVA (34’ boat) ½ day

$900 for Scuba DIVA (34’ boat) full day

$1000 for TINY (46’ boat) ½ day

$1500 for TINY (46’ boat) full day


sunset-cruisePrivate Sunset Cruise

We can’t think of a more personal private boat cruise than the Water sports sunset cruise taking you and your partner out from Cariblue Bay round Pigeon Island and into Rodney bay, then enjoying champagne, or rum punch as you watch the sun set. A magical, private and special trip ideally for two people.

US$100 per person

Private Yacht Charter

private-charter-1Treat yourself to a half-day private charter on board Aurora Rose, our 24 foot sailboat and explore St Lucia’s exotic coast line. Feel the wind in your hair as you set sail on the Caribbean Sea. Drop anchor in Rodney Bay and cool off with a swim. Then enjoy a picnic and some bubbles. This skippered charter can accommodate a party of 2 – 4 guests.

US$250 for the boat ½ day

US$400 for the boat full day

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