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Watsu is now available at BodyHoliday in the mineral rich Thalassotherapy pool with our Holistic Therapist John Hopkins!

Watsu was founded by Harold Dull in 1980. Harold was a Shiatsu practitioner and teacher and his school was situated next to Harbin Hot Springs in California. Shiatsu involves applying pressure along the body meridians, stretching the body and hence the meridians, and mobilisation of the joints, and he wondered what it would be like to float his students in the warm water of the hot springs, and apply the same principles and similar techniques in the water. Watsu was born, and has spread around the globe, with practitioners and teachers in nearly every country and has also evolved into other forms of aquatic bodywork, namely Waterdance and Healing Dance, Crania-Sacral in Water and Underwater work.

The body is floated and supported in warm water by the practitioner, gently moved, cradled, rocked and stretched with smooth, flowing, tai chi like dance movements. The joints are gently mobilised, the muscles stretched and softly manipulated with pressure points, providing deep relaxation to mind and body. It quietens the sympathetic (flight and fight), and enhances the parasympathetic (balancing/relaxing), and has profound beneficial effects for trauma, both physical and psycho-emotional, with therapeutic application for neuromuscular injuries, stress and chronic pain. This therapy can include cranio-sacral therapy in water and underwater techniques.

Benefits of Watsu include: Deep relaxation for Body, Mind and Spirit, Joint mobilisation, Pressure Point Muscle Release, Treats Muscle Injuries and Chronic Muscle Pain and Tension.